I'm Casey. I design and create all things sensory.

I love Radiohead and Star Wars. I'm a musician. I'm a history buff. I'm sentimental. I fly a drone. I'm a photographer. I see subtlety where others tend to see broad strokes. I am an advocate for escaping into the myriad worlds of entertainment and art as a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. I frankly cannot imagine a society without film, music, theatre, or the arts.

I have been a professional visual designer for nearly twenty years. I cut my teeth designing for a math department at Michigan State University. I then moved to Bloomington, where I was the sole designer at Visit Bloomington, later becoming the sole designer at Oliver Winery, and then a member of a design team in my current position in IU Studios (formerly IU Communications), where I have worked for nearly seven years.

During my time at IU, I've learned how to use After Effects to create motion design ads and campaigns. I have been the go-to designer on the team for projects that require the animation of text, still photography, or video, including digital advertising. I am the recipient of several CASE and Telly Awards for my motion graphics works over the years. I am also proficient at creating and editing music for use in video and radio spots.

I have directed countless photoshoots, several video shoots, I've prepared countless ads for all formats of print (from magazines to wall graphics to billboards), and successfully launched several media campaigns for various departments, colleges, and schools at IU. I was also a member of the small team that developed and launched the "Fulfilling the Promise" branding campaign for the entire university.

Thank you for taking a moment to gander my works.